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The current realties of retirement

Market volatility, low interest rates, family pressures on the “sandwich” generation, lack of job security or a defined benefit plan – lots has changed in the past 10 years. The vast majority of Canadians, looking ahead to retirement, are feeling anxious and unprepared. They may not know what their retirement will hold or how they will keep active. Will they work part-time? Will they volunteer? They may not know, but you will need to help them understand the possibilities so that their vision, and what their plan needs to look like, can become clear.

For many of your clients, “the big day” seems as if it’s a long way off. For others, it’s just around the corner. What is common for many is an uncertainty about their retirement and who they can discuss it with.

They think they are alone – which is far from the truth. When clients turn to you for sound financial advice, you can change their perspective. They have accomplished great things in their lifetime and you can help them gain confidence that a comfortable and enjoyable retirement is also achievable.

We’re here to help with the Retirement Centre

  • Solutions for comprehensive retirement planning
    • debt management
    • savings
    • income and asset protection
    • retirement income planning
  • Tools and support
    • Marketing collateral
    • Presentation materials
    • Business development ideas
    • Easy-to-use calculators for your clients
    • Videos to engage your clients
  • Videos of real people whose advisors made the difference in their retirement

Are you ready to help clients with the new realities of retirement?
As your clients understand the need for retirement planning, they will look to you to provide guidance. Successful in accomplishing many personal and career goals, they now face a new challenge. They must refocus to secure the retirement they envision and deserve.

Your expertise and knowledge can help:

  • Ease the anxiety many feel towards retirement planning
  • Encourage confidence with a sound plan for guaranteed income and protected savings
  • Provide the plan your clients need so they can enjoy retirement

As an advisor, you have clients and prospects at many different stages in the retirement planning continuum. Each stage of a thorough financial plan requires solutions unique to the personalized needs of customers.

 Preparing for retirement

Ease the anxiety many feel towards retirement planning
As your clients face the new realities of retirement, they will look to you to provide guidance on how they can achieve a comfortable retirement. Successful in accomplishing many personal and career goals, they now face a new challenge. They must refocus to secure the retirement they want to achieve.

Clients need your guidance to:

  • Eliminate or consolidate debt
  • Invest for their future
  • Protect savings and income to avoid depleting investments in an emergency
  • Integrate an employer workplace savings plan
  • Understand the role of government retirement benefits

 Transitioning into retirement

Encourage confidence with a sound plan for protected income
It’s important that your clients’ retirement plan includes properly allocated investments and protected income to ensure their hard earned savings will last as long as possible. Many people are now choosing “partial” retirements. It’s important to guide them in the best course of action for tax efficiency and avoiding exposure to risk.

Your expert advice identifies the solutions your clients need on:

  • Balanced product allocation
  • Investment protection
  • Tax planning
  • Income options
  • Ensure health benefits are considered for in retirement

 Enjoying retirement

Help your clients enjoy retirement
Today’s retirees have a very different outlook on retirement compared to previous generations when defined benefit plans were common. Retirees today have a longer life expectancy, are staying active and independent longer, and are expecting to live life to the fullest in retirement. Yet they may not be as informed as they need to be or prepared to face their retirement years with confidence.

Your clients may require:

  • A steady income stream
  • Health benefits
  • A good estate plan
  • Asset protection
  • Ideas on keeping active


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