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About IMS and i-Watch Process

Investment Management Services (IMS) is staffed by a team of investment professionals who are responsible for overseeing Manulife’s Common Investment Platform. Using a stringent selection and review process called i-Watch, the team seeks to identify funds and fund managers that have the potential over the long-run to:

  • Deliver strong results through a variety of market cycles.
  • Adhere to their investment mandate.

The i-Watch process is a valuable resource and is truly unique because the criterion used to evaluate funds is based on quantitative factors (performance and risk characteristics) and qualitative factors (organization, people, process and philosophy).

The result is access to a broad array of best-of-class investment options chosen from the world’s leading asset managers and spanning every major asset class and investment style.

More information of the IMS team and i-Watch process: 

Members of the IMS team

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