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Who are we

Tax Retirement & Estate Planning Services   
 Tax Retirement & Estate Planning Services (TREPS) is a team of accountants, lawyers, and other specialists skilled in proactively identifying opportunities for advisors and clients within the changing regulatory and market environments. With extensive knowledge and experience in tax and legal matters related to investments and insurance, the TREPS team provides case-level advisor support while working with our sales teams on tax, estate planning, wealth accumulation, retirement planning, creditor protection, beneficiary, and ownership solutions for investment and insurance products.

 Regional team

Western Canada
Carey Lee (PDF)

Central Canada, Northern and Western Ontario, and Atlantic Canada
Joël Campagna (PDF)

Ontario – GTA
Hemal Balsara (PDF)

Diane Hamel (PDF)

 Head office team

Insurance Focused

Florence Marino (PDF)
Dianna Flannery (PDF)
Ian Taylor (PDF)
Gord Hiscock