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Life insurance doesn’t have to be taxing! Our book has the answers you need.

Need to understand tax implications of transactions involving life insurance? Want to learn about estate planning strategies such as insured annuities? Do you know what the Canada Revenue Agency thinks about the latest life insurance policy features? Wondering how to structure owner and beneficiary in corporate life insurance planning within corporate groups?

A lot of questions. A lot of answers. One book can help. The ninth edition of the Canadian Taxation of Life Insurance is now available. Current to August 1, 2017, this book, written by the Tax, Retirement & Estate Planning Services, includes what you need to know about the taxation of life insurance and how life insurance strategies can enhance your clients' financial and estate planning.

Edited by Florence Marino, B.A., LL.B, TEP, and John Natale, B.Comm., LL.B., Assistant Vice Presidents, Tax, Retirement and Estate Planning Services, the book also includes:

  • The final enacted changes to the taxation of testamentary trusts and in particular, life interest trusts, applicable January 1, 2016 as subsequently amended;
  • Impact of changes to 55(2) on inter-corporate dividends involving life insurance policies;
  • Tax rate changes effective January 1, 2016 including changes to refundable dividend tax on hand for corporations;
  • The enacted changes relating to transfers of life insurance policies and the capital dividend account credit for life insurance policies resulting from the 2016 Federal Budget;
  • Discussion of issues relating to leveraged life insurance involving a shareholder’s personal borrowing including the potential application of the back-to-back loan rules and the implications of the Golini case;
  • The July 18, 2017 proposals and draft legislation concerning Tax Planning Using Private Corporations (*reflecting the October 2017 press releases announcing modifications).

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