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Insurance Sales Concepts

The sales concept packages developed by Manulife's Tax & Estate Planning Group help you customize tax and estate planning solutions for your affluent and business clients.

Each SALES CONCEPT addresses a specific planning opportunity and provides you with the information, tools and resources you need to provide insurance solutions to your clients and their professional advisors.

Solutions and support you can build on from Advanced Sales (PDF)
CONCEPTually Speaking
Financial Underwriting Guidelines (PDF)

Advanced Sales Custom Concept Checklist for Life Insurance Products (PDF)
Using insurance for your client’s corporate planning needs (PDF)
Using insurance for your client’s personal planning needs (PDF)

Manulife’s sales concepts packages
include some or all of the following support materials:

Client profile  ...helps you identify ideal candidates for these planning strategies
Client flyer ...pre-approach flyers designed to pique your client’s interest
Concept description  ...a schematic look at a concept’s benefits
Tax Topics  ...technical resource articles
Information guide  ...answers your technical questions about a specific concept
Fact Finder  ...helps you gather the customized information you need to create an illustration
Illustration software  ...numerical analysis showing the benefits of the concept, customized to your client’s situation
Consumer guide informative brochure that captures your clients’ signatures to show they understand the important issues regarding a specific concept
Slide shows ...presentations that import your client’s customized information from the illustration


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