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Rates to go making advisors' lives easier

Recently we asked advisors how Rates to go is making their lives easier.

Here’s what they told us:

“I now can give quotes anywhere, any time. I have been able to convert a general inquiry into a sales process. Love it.”

“Rates to go has made my life easier by helping boost my sales. Being able to quote people on the spot when they say they have mortgage insurance is a tremendous tool to have in my arsenal. I have generated two different life sales because of this in the past six month. Two sales I would not have had one year ago!”

“Even if you’re just having a casual conversation with someone, it’s a very handy tool to get people thinking about insurance and how affordable it can be.”

“I use it from by blackberry when at out of office meetings, it’s very handy. Impresses the clients too.”

“It’s a great tool to open up a sales opportunity. Example: last Friday I was able to close a $1 million term twenty using Rates to go.”

“Rates are handy in the meeting if the client wishes to see other options/amounts of coverage. Everything is right in the palm of your hand!”

“Very fast quote. Easy to pdf and e-mail.”

“The ease of access and the speed of calculation is great!”

“Quotes available on the go. Don’t have to carry my laptop with me at all times and don’t have to wait to get back to the office to generate a quote. When I use my ear piece I can even quote while talking on my cell … the client doesn’t know the difference. I once quoted while pumping gas!”

“Very quick and efficient. I can tell clients the rates in minutes. Great tool.”

“Quick quotes at my fingertips, closing sales on the spot. Awesome.”

“For a quick quote with a client, it is the best tool available right now.”

“I can provide faster turnaround time for pricing without needing to be sitting in front of my computer.”

“I can show clients premiums and immediately email them a quote. Very slick.”


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