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Rates to go – insurance rates in an instant

Need to calculate insurance rates quickly while you’re on the go? Use Manulife’s Rates to go online rate calculator

It’s the perfect tool for the busy advisor:

  • Formatted for BlackBerry, iPhone and Android smartphone
  • Fully responsive design makes it easy to use on smartphones, tablets or computers
  • Convenient and fast – available 24/7, get a quote anywhere, anytime
Discover what advisors are saying about Rates to go.

Rates to go quickly gives you monthly and annual rates for:

  • Family Term –  T10, T20 and T65
  • Synergy – T10, Renewable and Level
  • Lifecheque – T10, T20 and T65
  • Venture Series disability insurance

While Rates to go won’t replace sitting down to a full illustration, it’s a convenient and quick way to give your clients an example of Manulife’s premiums on a variety of products. And you can count on the rates always being fresh – current with our Diamond View illustration software.

Send results with ease
Once you quickly calculate a premium using Rates to go, you can send the results by email. The website will open your email software and populate an email with all of the required information. Or you can create a PDF report to print or e-mail.

Add Rates to go to  your smartphone home screen
Get simple, one-click access to Rates to go by adding a shortcut to your mobile device home screen:

  • Launch on your mobile device
  • Select 'add to home screen' from the browser menu
  • The Rates to go icon will appear on your home screen like an app.

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