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Limited Time Offer with

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The Manulife Vitality program is celebrating healthy living with a special Limited Time Offer for new and existing members.

Now extended until June 30, 2019, your Manulife Vitality program clients receive an Gift Card each time they achieve a higher Vitality Status™.

Start a conversation with your clients about this limited time offer and the rewards of healthy living with the Manulife Vitality program.

CAD $15
gift card
  CAD $25
gift card
  CAD $50
gift card

And remember, this offer is available to both new and existing members. For clients entering a new program year before June 30, this is another chance to earn up to $90 in Gift Cards.

Gift cards are emailed to members from the Manulife Vitality program team within a week of the member achieving their new status. Members who achieve more than one status will receive a separate gift card for each Vitality Status they achieve.

Start the conversation with your clients now. 


For achieving
Silver Status

Silver Trophy


For achieving
Gold Status

Gold Trophy


For achieving
Platinum Status

Platinum Trophy

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