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The Manulife Vitality Program

What it is

The Manulife Vitality program is an innovative healthy-living rewards program available to clients who purchase a Manulife Vitality product. As members work to improve their health, they can earn Vitality Points™ and enjoy rewards along the way. And the more Vitality Points they earn, the higher their Vitality Status™, and the greater their potential rewards and savings!

Manulife Vitality is available now through our Manulife Family Term with Vitality product. This offering combines a term life insurance product with the opportunity for clients to earn rewards and save on their cost of insurance– all while improving their health.

What's new

  • Introducing four NEW Manulife Vitality videos that highlight the program as well as its many benefits! That’s right—we’ve made sharing this exciting program with your clients and prospects even easier and more exciting! Visit to watch the videos and start sharing today.


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When your clients become Manulife Vitality members, they can:


Discover their Vitality Age™

Members can find out their Vitality Age, a health risk-related age based on lifestyle behaviors and clinical measures. It presents health risks as years “lost” or “gained” compared to a member’s chronological age.


Set goals

Once members know their health risks, Manulife Vitality recommends goals to help them get on a path to a healthier lifestyle. They can choose to set these goals or other goals on


Earn Vitality Points

Simple everyday activities like going to the gym, getting a health screening, or reading online health articles can earn members Vitality Points. Members can also choose a wearable device to help them easily track their activity and earn Vitality Points.


Achieve a Vitality Status

Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum – a member’s Vitality Status is based on the number of Vitality Points they earn each year. Their Vitality Status determines the value of rewards available to them, and how much they pay for their insurance the following year.


Experience the benefits

Along with the opportunity to experience the benefits of living a healthier life, members can enjoy their rewards by using the mobile app or secure member website.


Vitality Active Rewards with Apple Watch

Another great opportunity to motivate and reward members to get active each and every week. And with Apple Watch it’s even easier for your clients to enjoy rewards for healthy, active living!



Manulife Vitality Overview for advisors video

Video transcript (PDF)


Advisor material

Who supports program members:

The Manulife Vitality program supports members every step of the way. Regular updates, encouragement, and helpful tools are available to members through:

Members can also call Manulife Vitality Support at 1-888-Manulife, Monday – Friday 8:00am – 8:00pm ET, or  

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