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Small Business Solutions

Making it easy to succeed with small business owners

More than 98 per cent of Canadian businesses employ between one and 99 employees1, making the small business sector a dominant force in our country’s economy. This represents a huge opportunity for advisors looking to build and grow their group business – and we can help.

The Manulife Small Business Solutions Centre is your hub for the latest information on products, tools and service solutions that will help you foster relationships with small business owners and demonstrate your value on an ongoing basis.

The Small Business Solutions centre provides:

  • a listing of business owner needs and the product solutions that can help address them
  • a tutorial to get you started and show you how to use the site
  • a market opportunity section where you can learn more about small business owners
  • sales concepts to help you develop effective strategies for your small business clients
  • case studies to enhance your understanding of the products
  • sales tools that can help make working with your small business clients even easier

Built around the needs of small business owners, the Small Business Solutions centre highlights the unique cross-selling opportunity that exists within the small business market. As a resource, the Small Business Solutions centre brings the tools you need to succeed with small business owners – together in one place.


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