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Small Business Client Needs

For small business owners, business and personal financial goals are often linked. Manulife’s website for small business owners ( is a great resource for your business clients who are looking for information on the financial products and services that will help them achieve their goals – regardless of the age or stage of their business.


Small business owners share a set of unique needs. You can strengthen client relationships and extend earnings by understanding their needs and the products that can help to address them.

Small business owner need: Business Personal
Manage costs effectively – making cost-effective decisions can help free up funds to support growth or other objectives X X
Attract the best employees – employee benefits can give small business owners a competitive edge X  
Get great rates on savings and loans – maximizing every dollar is important for cost-conscious small business owners X X
Explore tax-effective strategies – taxes are one of the top concerns or “pain points” of small business owners X X
Protect the business - ensuring the business is in a position to continue is critically important should the unexpected happen to the owner or a key employee X  
Protect self and loved ones – small business owners are people first, sharing the same issues as your personal clients   X
Reduce employee turnover – employee benefits can help business owners retain good people X  
Grow personal wealth - with an effective strategy, business owners can spend less time dealing with personal investments and more time on their business X X
Protect assets from creditors – reviewing their creditor protection strategy regularly can help business owners protect their personal assets against creditor claims   X
Save for retirement - developing a retirement plan can help ensure business owners don’t rely too heavily on the sale of their business to fund their retirement X X
Design a succession plan – it’s never too soon to develop strategies for transferring ownership of the business when the time comes X X
Create an estate plan - finding the time to plan a legacy and ensure a smooth transfer of assets is often a challenge for business owners X X



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