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Helping your clients understand the impact of employee health and wealth on their business.

Our health and wealth approach
Get an overview of our evidence-based approach and how it can help your clients’ bottom line

To bring their best to work, employees need to be physically, mentally and financially healthy. Through our ongoing research, our goal is to help employers of all sizes come to a deeper understanding of the connection between employee health, wealth and their company’s success.

Our continued health and wealth research established…

  • 2014: Poor financial wellness affects employees’ emotional, mental and physical health – lowering their engagement and productivity at work.
  • 2015: Financial stress has an alarming effect on overall well-being. The best approach is to help employees manage their health and wealth together.
  • 2016: Finances continue to be a major source of stress and it impacts an individual’s mental and physical health leading to absenteeism rates and lost productivity.
  • 2017: Financial shame and embarrassment are preventing employees from taking action to improve their financial health – impacting their productivity and recovery.  Plan sponsors have a role to play to address stigma before making tools/education/resources available.

Discover the latest key findings from our research:
Download the results of the Emotional Barriers to Financial Wellness study

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