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Manulife Bank offers two flexible mortgage solutions: Manulife One and Manulife Bank Select.

Manulife One is an innovative, all-in-one account that allows your clients to combine their mortgage, personal loans and lines of credit with their income and short-term savings. By combining their debt and savings in a single account with a competitive low interest rate(s), your clients could save thousands of dollars in interest costs* while gaining more control over their finances.

Manulife Bank Select provides clients with an integrated banking solution that combines a mortgage with a high-interest, full feature chequing account.* It also offers clients the opportunity to manage their mortgage by splitting it across several terms to put the benefits of variable and fixed rates plus short and long terms to work for them at the same time.

Manulife Bank’s complementary mortgage and banking solutions

AB0596 provides a brief comparative snapshot of these two flexible products.

Debt and cash flow management

The following resources can help you initiate debt and cash flow discussions with your clients and refer them to Manulife One. 

Cash flow tool kit

  • AB0550  Client Debt and Cash Flow Profile
  • AB0551  Cash Flow Enhancement Worksheet
  • AB0552  Cash Flow Enhancement
  • AB0553  Cash Flow Optimization
  • AB0554  Cash Flow Stability
  • AB0563  Introducing the Debt and Cash Flow Profile to your clients
  • AB0574  Discover your clients' cash flow needs
  • AB0608  Client debt and cash flow profile - for retirees
  • Mortgages are no longer simple - advisor flyer

Debt Solutions

Learn more about these mortgage products in Products > Banking. 

* Interest earned is calculated on the daily closing balance and added to your account monthly. Visit for a full list of account features and, where applicable, fees.


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