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Here you’ll find tools that will help you demonstrate to your select clients the benefits they could gain from a financial strategy that includes a Manulife Bank Investment Loan.

Principal and Interest Investment Loan Calculator

This calculator lets you determine your Investment Loan’s potential monthly payment.  A monthly principal loan repayment plan is a strategy to assist in repaying an Investment Loan prior to the time you plan to access the investment.

Interest-only Investment Loan Calculator

We’ve made it easy to show your clients how powerful leveraging can be in helping them achieve their long-term investment goals. With this Interest-only Investment Loan Calculator, you can quickly and easily explore three calculations with your clients: monthly payment amount, principal loan amount and interest rate.          

This calculator allows you to quickly and easily explore with your clients three different ways to calculate how they might manage an investment loan: monthly payment amount, principal loan amount and interest rate.

Slow and steady investing – “Tortoise Leverage”

This concept is a great way to introduce your clients to leveraged investing. It allows them to “get their feet wet” with leverage. Tortoise Leverage is a method of leveraged investing that can help your clients gain the benefits of investment leveraging a little at a time. It may help them maintain confidence in their portfolio since they no longer need to worry about whether they are entering the market at the correct time or not.

Borrowing to invest may be appropriate only for investors with higher risk tolerance. Your clients should be fully aware of the risks and benefits associated with investment loans since losses as well as gains may be magnified. Preferred candidates are those willing to invest for the long term and not averse to increased risk. The value of your client's investment will vary and is not guaranteed however they must meet their loan and income tax obligations and repay their loan in full. Please ensure clients read the terms of their loan agreement and the investment details for important information. Manulife Bank of Canada solely acts in the capacity of lender and loan administrator and does not provide investment advice of any nature to individuals or advisors.  The dealer and advisor are responsible for determining the appropriateness of investments for their clients and informing them of the risks associated with borrowing to invest.


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