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Whether your client is looking for market leading rates for their liquid investments or a guaranteed rate on their term deposits, Manulife Bank has a suite of competitive deposit products that can meet their needs. Use these sales resources to show your clients how.

Demonstrations for your clients

These practical and informative demonstrations are available on for your clients to view:

  • All about Advantage Account
  • How to send and receive Interac® e-Transfers

Advantage Account

A Manulife Bank Advantage Account provides your client with a premium interest rates on every dollar, low fees and easy access to their money. With personal, business, tax-free and registered versions, you will be able to offer this solution to all of your clients.

For you

  • AB0365E - Compare all the deposit options from Manulife Bank
  • AB0500E - Help stabilize your client’s income payments

For your clients

  • AB0576E - A great opportunity for business owners

Investment Savings Account

Offer your on-book clients great rates of interest with the stability of a deposit account. For Canadian deposits, you can open Investment Savings Accounts from both Manulife Bank and Manulife Trust and there are F-Class versions available too. For U.S. dollar deposits, you can open Manulife Bank A-Class and F-Class Investment Savings Accounts.

For you

  • AB0514E - Investment Savings Account information sheet

Guaranteed Investment Certificates and Short-term Deposits

Our GIC and short-term deposit rates are consistently among the highest available -- typically significantly higher than the retail rates posted by Canada’s big five banks. Better still, we offer a number of rate guarantees that help you ensure your clients get their best possible rate.

Learn more about these deposit products in Products > Banking. Login and you can review our comprehensive Deposit product marketing guide.

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