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We’ve expanded our accelerated underwriting to include ages 18 – 45.* So now your eligible clients can get up to $1 million in life insurance, faster and easier.

What it is

Reward your healthy clients. Our Healthstyles program allows you to reward healthy clients with preferred rates. And with accelerated underwriting, it's possible that more of your clients will now qualify for a preferred rating. Learn more about Healthstyles.



Accelerated underwriting means we provide an easier application process and faster decision time so that eligible clients benefit from:

  • A less intrusive application – no fluids or biometric testing
  • An easy, convenient process – just one single meeting, no nurse needed
  • Quicker decisions

All this great news for your clients, plus the opportunity for you to settle your business faster!

Who it's for

Accelerated underwriting for eligible clients age 18-45, up to $1 million is available for the following life insurance products:

And it’s available for term insurance riders on Universal Life, Whole Life and Synergy.

We're committed to changing the way Canadians buy insurance. We're challenging traditional underwriting practices so you can grow your business quicker and help your clients get the protection they need, faster and easier. Learn more. (login required)

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