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SL Advisor Portal Access

With the retiring of Advisor Portal in December, we will continue to provide you with access to certain historical information as well as any business from the former Standard Life that has not yet transitioned to Repsource.

Clicking the Start button allows you to login to Advisor Portal on this restricted basis. Here is a list of information and tools available (as of December 12, 2015):

Advisors who have sold mutual funds of the former Standard Life will find the following in SLMF AccountINFO:

  • Historical* client documents: Tax slips, statements and confirmations/notices
  • Historical* advisor documents: Commission statements

* Note that your current information is now available on Repsource

Advisors who have sold segregated funds, life insurance products, term funds, annuities of the former Standard Life:

  • Book of business information found in ClientINFO
  • Commission information for insurance found in eCommissions

Advisors who have sold group business under contract of the former Standard Life:

  • Access to Group Savings & Retirement
  • Access to Group Life and Health

To see your former Standard Life information, please click the START button and login with your User ID and password from the former Standard Life.

To continue with your activities on Repsource, please close this window.

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