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Megatrends are converted to investable themes

Investing in global equities using a thematic approach is very different from traditional investment styles. Pictet Asset Management’s (Pictet AM) Thematic Equities Team identifies themes underpinned by secular trends set to structurally change the way we live, society operates, or how business is done. They devise focused thematic strategies and create investment universes they believe have the potential to outperform global equity indices because of their potential to offer long-term sustainable investment returns based on predictable value drivers.

Constructing a focused thematic strategy at the intersection of a number of megatrends allows Pictet AM’s actively managed thematic strategies to seek a compelling risk-adjusted return over the long run. The more megatrends at play in any area, the more compelling the investment theme becomes.

What’s more, their strategies typically focus on companies providing solutions to global challenges and aim to deliver better outcomes not just for investors, but for everyone.

We identify themes which are underpinned by multiple megatrends – confident that in these themes we can find long-term future winners in the global stock market.
Hans Peter Portner
Head & Senior Investment Manager
Thematic Equities Team
Pictet Asset Management

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