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2018 Segregated Funds Summit. Segregated Fund Solutions: Do it different.

Your participation in the inaugural Segregated Funds Summit is much appreciated. We hope you left with insights, connections, and inspiration to help you Do it different. To refresh your memory and give you ammunition to incorporate new ideas and key learnings into your practice, we’re pleased to provide select speaker summaries, presentations, and bios.Thank you for your support, enthusiasm and interest!

Economic Overview

Bio | Presentation

Frances Donald, Senior Economist, Manulife Asset Management Limited

Key Points:

    • Markets are increasingly being driven by economic, political and macro issues but separating the data from the political narrative is getting more and more difficult. This session provides a framework for thinking about the global economy as it navigates structural challenges like demographics and robots, while also contending with growth cycles, rate hikes and trade wars.
    • Over the longer-run, we see important implications for a worsening demographic profile that extends beyond simple ageing of the population. Artificial Intelligence may help to offset this headwind but it is still early days in the next wave of robots.
    • We are increasingly watching the digitalization of the economy and its effect on data – what we buy and how we buy it is starting to impact the economy in a more significant way.
    • Globally synchronized growth has probably peaked, but we are still a good ways away from recession territory.
    • We expect interest rates to continue to rise globally, even as trade wars escalate and geopolitical risks remain heightened.


Capital Markets Overview

Bio | Presentation

Philip Petursson,  Chief Investment Strategist, Manulife Investments


Portfolio Manager Panel

Moderator: Philip Petursson


Terry Carr | Bio
Chief Investment Officer for Canadian Fixed Income, Manulife Asset Management Limited

Alan Wicks | Bio
Head of Value Equity Team, Senior Managing Director Senior Portfolio Manager

Mike Brock | Bio
Managing Director and Portfolio Specialist, Manulife Asset Management (U.S.), LLC


The Manulife Asset Allocation Story

Bio | Presentation

Jamie Robertson, Senior Portfolio Manager, Manulife Asset Management Limited

Key Points:

    • Asset allocation – An excellent vehicle for keeping your clients in the market and helping them achieve their objectives. This is a complete solution for clients who want a disciplined approach to investing/comfort of knowing professionals are actively managing risk
    • Diversification vs asset allocation – Learn the difference
    • The team – A well-resourced, dedicated global asset allocation group
    • The process – Sensible, time-tested, scalable, reliable
    • Building blocks – Access the best managers of Manulife Asset Management, Dimensional Fund Advisors, Strategic beta ETFs, Opportunistic/diversifying portion of the portfolio
    • Summary – Help make your life easier, allowing you to focus on and build your business by outsourcing asset allocation to Portfolio Solutions Group


Regulatory Update


Bryan Vanderleeuw, Director, Product Development, Segregated Funds

Key Points:

    • It is no longer a matter of when the disclosure requirements will change but how these requirements will change.
    • The industry generally supports the basic principles of transparency.
    • The industry favours approaches that are harmonized with the mutual fund industry.
    • We’re getting close to having a clearer picture of what the end state will look like.
    • It’s unlikely that any proposed changes would take effect before 2020


Estate Planning Insights and Opportunities

Bio | Presentation

John Natale, Assistant Vice President, Tax, Retirement & Estate Planning Services, Wealth

Key Points:

    • Estate planning strategies: Choose beneficiaries carefully, consider implications of gifting assets to beneficiaries prior to death, or to charity (remember: With segregated funds, you name charity as successor owner, not beneficiary). Encourage clients to invest in a valid will: They are worth the cost
    • Contract set up: Know who is who. Owner/Successor Owner, Annuitant/Successor Annuitant, Beneficiary
    • Value of naming a beneficiary: By passing the estate has the potential provide many advantages, including quick wealth transfer, privacy, savings on legal and estate administration fees. Use the Estate Cost Comparison Tool to create a custom illustration for clients
    • Kitchen sink strategy: Case study showing all the advantages of segregated funds, including making use of the annuity settlement option

Bio | Presentation

Valerie Ottino, District Vice President, Retail Distribution

Key Points:

    • Timing is everything, estate planning affects everyone: Proper estate planning can yield benefits directly (cost and tax savings) and indirectly (cementing the added value an advisor brings to the extended family relationship, securing assets)
    • Relationships with 2nd generation clients becoming vital: There’s a huge intergenerational wealth transfer underway. When wealth changes hands, the advisor relationship changes/can end. Connect with your clients’ adult children prior to the surprise of estate planning needs
    • Estate risk = advisor opportunity: There’s tremendous opportunity to educate existing clients about directing what happens to their wealth, establishing plans to protect family/beneficiaries from unforeseen frustration, costs and taxes
    • The role of the executor, how advisors can help: Many Canadians over the age of 18 do not have a Will or personal direction of wealth transfer. Advisors can educate clients on executor’s roll, how to alleviate pressure on executor, provide solutions that may help
    • Segregated fund solutions: Manulife Private Investment Pools – MPIP Segregated Pools, GIF Select InvestmentPlus

Stuart Peikes | Bio
Partner, Clark Farb Fiksel LLP

Key Points:

    • Estate planning case studies: Implications of not having a Will: the courts decide what happens to estate. Consider your own book of business to pinpoint clients who are most at risk. Help them prepare in an organized way so they can successfully transfer wealth with purpose, intent and guidance

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