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2019 Manulife Segregated Funds Summit. Investing. Do it different.

Thank you for participating in 2019 Manulife Segregated Funds Summit. To help ensure you capture as much information and inspiration as possible, we’ve gathered a collection of key takeaways, speaker summaries, and useful resources.

Economic Overview and Asset Allocation Story

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Frances Donald, Head of Macroeconomic Strategy, Asset Allocation Team, Manulife Asset Management

    • We are still living in a “half return” world, with demographics, e-commerce and productivity weighing on our economies’ ability to grow. What does that mean for equity and bond markets? And more importantly, for our longer-term investment perspectives?
    • Central banks have pivoted dovishly and it doesn’t look like interest rates will be rising again this cycle. What prompted the change? And where do fixed income markets go from here?
    • 2020 recession fears are elevated but are they justified? Yes and no – there are reasons to be cautious, but also cautiously optimistic?


Manulife Global Thematic Opportunities Fund – GIF Select

Bio | Presentation | Fund Profile

Jean-Pierre Gemme, Senior Business Development Manager, Pictet Asset Management

The distillation of Pictet Asset Management’s (Pictet AM) entire thematic expertise is embodied in the Manulife Global Thematic Opportunities Fund – GIF Select, which is a best ideas global equity strategy that leverages expertise from across their specialized thematic teams.

    • The Fund is relatively concentrated and is not constrained to a benchmark, which typically results in high active share. Importantly, the Fund is built bottom-up with no top-down allocation between the different single themes, although the Fund has access to all of them.
    • Now available: Manulife Global Thematic Opportunities Private Segregated Pool.


Value Equity Team

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Jonathan Popper, Senior Managing Director and Senior Portfolio Manager, Manulife Asset Management

Invest in confidence with the Manulife Value Equity Team

    • The experience of the value team and their 23 year process and performance.
    • Funds with high active share, and do not look like the index.
    • The diversification of their portfolio, and conglomerate like approach to building a portfolio like a company with as many different business risks as possible.


Capital Markets Overview

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Philip Petursson, Chief Investment Strategist, Wealth & Asset Management, Canada, Manulife Investments


MPIP Segregated Pools -- Solutions

Bio | Presentation | Product information

Robert Wolf, BBA, CFP, EPC, District Vice President, Southwestern Ontario & GTA North

    • Client needs are evolving, with a current focus on lower fees
    • More than $1 trillion will transfer from the older generation to younger generations over the next decade1
    • Where do segregated fund contracts – and the Manulife Private Investment Pools program – fit?
    • Recent and upcoming enhancements, competitive pricing, a comprehensive offering, and built-in segregated fund contract benefits all combine to make MPIP a powerful solution

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