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Take a balanced approach to investing

A balanced mutual fund is a great foundation for your clients’ portfolio since it is able to provide a measure of stability through investing in fixed-income securities, while the equity component provides long-term-growth potential.

Manulife has an extensive line-up of 16 balanced mutual funds, ranging from conservative mandates with a higher fixed income allocation to more aggressive balanced funds with higher exposure to equities.

Manulife’s product shelf allows you to select the balanced fund option that best meets your clients’ individual investment goals within the risk profile they are comfortable with. Manulife has balanced funds with a domestic or global focus; and our fund management expertise is captured by a select number of portfolio management firms who bring a proven track record of success to their management process.

Choose from Manulife’s broad range of high quality domestic and global balanced funds to help your clients meet their investment goals.

Domestic Balanced Mutual Funds
Global Balanced Mutual Funds
Manulife Canadian Opportunities Balanced Class Manulife Global Balanced Fund
Manulife Canadian Opportunities Balanced Fund
Manulife Global Strategic Balanced Yield Fund
Manulife Canadian Monthly Income Class
Manulife Strategic Balanced Yield Fund
Manulife Canadian Monthly Income Fund
Manulife Strategic Dividend Bundle
Manulife Canadian Equity Balanced Class
Manulife U.S. Dollar Strategic Balanced Yield Fund
Manulife Conservative Income Fund
Manulife U.S. Monthly High Income Fund

Manulife Unhedged U.S. Monthly High Income Fund

Manulife Value Balanced Class

Manulife Value Balanced Fund

Manulife Yield Opportunities Fund


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