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Obtaining consent


  • You are responsible for obtaining consent for the collection, use and disclosure of personal information.
    • Forms developed by Manulife to collect client personal information, such as applications and account opening agreements, provide information on the collection, use and disclosure of a client’s personal information. The disclosures made, and the consent obtained using these forms, apply only to the sale and service of Manulife related products.
  • You should obtain legal advice before developing or using any client disclosure and consent forms, to ensure that they address the relevant privacy issues.
    • Many advisors have unique aspects to their business, making a general approach to compliance with privacy regulations impossible. As a result, Manulife will not review disclosure and consent forms.
  • You must obtain consent from the client either before or at the time that you collect or use their personal information, as well as when a new use is identified.
    • Consent may be expressed in writing, by completing or signing a form, or it may be given verbally.
    • You must obtain express consent when you collect sensitive information.
    • Clients must provide express consent if their personal information is to be disclosed to a third party or if it will be used for a different purpose.
  • If you obtain consent verbally you must have a system in place to document:
    • The fact that the client granted consent.
    • The date and time consent was requested and granted.
    • Other information relevant to the consent, including any restrictions.
  • The form of consent must reflect the sensitivity of the information you collect. For example, medical and financial information is always considered sensitive information, and should therefore require express consent.
  • Consent cannot be obtained as a condition of the supply of a product or service (tied consent), unless it is required to fulfill the purpose(s) for which it was given, or is required by law.
  • You must make a reasonable effort to tell the client how their information will be used or disclosed.

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