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Marketing opt-out


  • A client can withhold or withdraw their consent (opt-out) from receiving marketing material at any time, subject to reasonable notice.
  • In the case of Manulife marketing communications, a client may choose to opt out by contacting you or the respective business unit call centre and we will remove them from our mailing list.
  • If they contact you with respect to opting out of Manulife marketing communications it is your responsibility to notify the respective business unit(s).
    • This means they will not be eligible to receive addressed direct mail offerings. This opt-out will not extend to:
      • Information included in or with monthly statements, which relate to any Manulife Financial product or service that they currently have with or receive from us.
      • General product and service information and updates included in or with client statements.
  • You must have a process in place to manage marketing opt-outs.
    • (e.g. track and respect the wishes of clients who have opted-out)

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