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Client’s privacy and confidentiality

Manulife Advisors must abide by Manulife Financial’s commitment to privacy in the handling of personal information, as expressed in the Manulife Financial – Canadian Division Statement of Privacy Principles and Practices.

Collection and protection of client’s personal information

You must:

  • Comply with federal and provincial privacy legislation, and adhere to the Company’s Privacy Principles and Policies.
  • Obtain only such information or documentation that is required to:

a. Determine the identity of clients
b. Make appropriate recommendations
c. Fulfill the purpose(s) for which the information was obtained
d. Complete applications or other forms
e. Provide client service

  • Collect, use and disclose information only for the purposes for which it was obtained, and only with the client’s consent, except where it is authorized by law.
  • Ensure that personal information is properly disposed of, where no longer required to fulfill the purpose(s) for which it was collected, or as required or permitted by law.
  • Make a reasonable effort to design and manage procedures and systems to protect personal information from error, loss and unauthorized access or disclosure.
  • Promptly return any documents or other property, including policy and account documents, belonging to the client.


  • Care in collecting, using and disclosing personal information is essential to continued consumer confidence and good will.
  • Advisors are required to comply with Privacy legislation (PIPEDA) and Manulife Financial – Canadian Division Statement of Privacy Principles and Practices.


  • Breach of this policy will result in a referral to the Manulife Producer Concerns Committee for consideration of disciplinary and remedial action, including possible termination of your authority to sell insurance on behalf of Manulife.
  • You may be reported to Regulators for consideration of further disciplinary action.
  • Costs related to remediation of contracts or settlement costs to a client may be charged to the Advisor.

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