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Manulife Investments says goodbye to paper statements, hello to online access

Manulife online access is a company-wide initiative intended to give all Manulife customers in Canada a single, secure, online contract and account access experience.

Recently launched for Manulife Investments customers, Manulife online access allows Investments customers to view their segregated fund contracts, mutual fund accounts, and statements online!

Paperless: Online statements for Manulife Investments customers available through Manulife online access

Paper statements will no longer be mailed to Manulife Investments customers:

  • The July 2019 mid-year statements will be mailed to Manulife Investments customers for the last time. 
  • Going forward, Manulife Investments customers will receive mid-year and year-end statements electronically through their Manulife online access account.
  • Manulife Investments customers can request to have their paper statements mailed to them by signing into their Manulife online access account and updating their document preferences to include paper, or, by calling Manulife Investments Customer Service at the numbers listed below.
  • Online statements can also be downloaded and saved from Manulife online access 

How we’re letting Manulife Investments customers know about online statement access

  • We will include an insert that notifies Manulife Investments customers about our switch to paperless statements and encourages them to sign up for Manulife online access to view their segregated fund contracts, mutual fund accounts, and statements online, in their mid-year statements, which will be mailed to them on July 31.


For additional information, please review the advisor FAQ: Manulife Investments | Manulife Securities

Action: Encourage your client name and nominee clients to register for Manulife online access

Experience Manulife online access for yourself. If you own a Manulife Investments contract or account, sign up to see how easy it is to register, then ask your clients to sign up!

To help your clients get started, provide them with the:


If you have questions, contact Manulife Investments Customer Service:

Canada, outside of Quebec: Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (ET)

For segregated fund contracts: call 1-888-790-4387 or


For mutual fund accounts: call 1-888-588-7999 or


French business and Quebec: Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. (ET)

Segregated fund contracts: call 1-800-355-6776 or email

For mutual fund accounts: call 1-877-426-9991 or email

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