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NEW client Payment Method Summary Report

Our NEW Payment Method Summary Report is our latest enhancement to our My Clients reporting tool to make it easier and faster for you to do business with us.

What will this report do for me?
This report lists active insurance policies and investment contracts/accounts under a dealer/rep code. It highlights the various payment methods that your clients are using today, the payment frequency and the payment amount.

What can I use this report for?
Use this report to identify your clients who currently pay via cheque and help promote electronic methods of doing business – encourage clients to pay electronically, such as taking advantage of pre-authorized debit.

How has My Clients been enhanced so far to help me?
Here’s a summary of how we’ve enhanced the tool so far:

  • NEW Payment Method Summary Report
  • You can produce reports in PDF or Excel format
  • You can generate each report in English or French without having to change the site language
  • Reports have a consistent look with the same colours and font types (new forms that we create will also have this same look)
  • Modifications to existing reports to ease some of your pain points
  • Improved search functionality

Resources (login required)

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My Clients – Did you know?

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For more information, connect with your Manulife sales representative or back office as appropriate.

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