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Looking for Manulife Vitality™ program marketing and social? Read on!

Don’t you love when you’re looking for something and know exactly where to find it? We want to give you that happy moment, and make it easy for you to promote the Manulife® Vitality program. Here’s a list of all the tools available to you, plus some new pieces to help you spread the word.

NEW client one-pager – Getting started with the Manulife Vitality program
It’s easy for your clients to get started in the Manulife Vitality program. This new client one-pager outlines what they need to do in just three simple steps.

NEW client PowerPoint presentation – The Manulife Vitality Program
Tell your clients the Manulife Vitality program story with this new presentation. Outline what the program is, how it works, and all the rewards your clients can enjoy.

Engaging your Manulife Vitality program clients
Here’s a look at the Manulife Vitality program member journey. Use this piece to inspire natural conversation with your clients about their Manulife Vitality program journey and how they’re enjoying their rewards. Plus, find all Manulife Vitality program marketing material here.

Manulife Vitality program client videos
Showcase the Manulife Vitality program with this video series available to clients on

Manulife Vitality program overview – what it is and how it works

Know your Health – completing the Vitality Health Review™ and setting goals

Tracking Activities – how to track and submit activities with and without the free Garmin wearable

Status and Rewards – how to earn points and redeem rewards

Want to share these videos? You can! Simply visit the Manulife YouTube channel and hit the “Share” arrow in the top right corner.

We haven’t forgotten about you! Be sure to check out the Manulife Vitality program Advisor overview video. Plus hear from Donald Guloien, President and CEO, on how selling Family Term with Vitality can help build your business.

Social content you can share
We have content that you can easily share on your social networks. Check out the social content for more details!

Make your job easy with the Family Term with Vitality insurance calculator
This tool quickly gives your clients a snapshot of how much Family Term with Vitality insurance they need and how much it will cost.

Check it out for yourself here!

Earn a CE credit!
Want to delve even deeper and earn CE credits? You can! Visit the CE Centre to learn about The science behind the Manulife Vitality program. Through this interactive course you will gain valuable insights into the Manulife Vitality program model, and earn a CE Credit at the same time.

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