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The Ontario government is making changes to OHIP+ under the Ontario Drug Benefit Program

In February we shared with you that the Ontario government was making changes to OHIP+ under the Ontario Drug Benefit Program (ODB). This program was implemented on January 1, 2018 and provides drug coverage for individuals who are covered by OHIP and are 24 years old and under.

What’s changing

Starting April 1, 2019, OHIP+ will no longer cover individuals 24 years old and under with drug coverage through a private insurance plan, such as a company group benefits plan.

You can see the official announcement from the Ontario government here as well as their FAQs for Patients.

Communicating these changes

  • Clients:

    • We included a notice in the February issue of the Advance Bulletin letting them know this was in the works.
    • We’re emailing them in the next couple of days letting them know the changes are effective on April 1, 2019.
  • Plan members:

    • We’re adding a banner to the homepage of the group benefits plan member website. It’ll give them a heads up that this is happening.
    • We’re also emailing plan members that are 24 years old or under or have a spouse or children 24 years old or under.

We’ve attached the communications we’ll be sharing with clients and plan members for your reference. 

What the Ministry of Health has done

The Ministry has already sent a letter to individuals 24 years old and under who are taking a drug paid under the Exception Access Program (EAP).

They’ve also sent letters to physicians who have patients 24 years old and under that have been approved for a drug through the EAP letting them know of the changes. And, asking them to help patients who may require approval from their insurer for the specific drug.

If you have any questions

We’ve put together an FAQ you can reference. It provides answers to questions that may arise.

You can also reach out to your Manulife Representative.
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