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There’s more to back-to-school than a new laptop and textbooks

Back-to-school season always ends up being a race to gather supplies for the first day of class. But we want to remind you that there’s more to it than that. Help make sure the students in your life also get what they need outside the classroom.

Your kid may be excited about their first university experiences, but what if that includes a cracked pair of glasses from an intense activity during orientation week? Will your group benefits cover a visit to the optometrist and a new pair of glasses?

If your child has reached the age when they’re considered an adult under your plan, you’ll need to make sure they’re listed as a full-time student to continue their coverage.

Of course, they could be chasing other passions instead of going to school this year. You can still get them health benefits for unexpected events in their lives. Manulife’s CoverMe® plans are easy to understand and manage. These plans can cover everything from emergency medical care to eye exams.1

No matter what your kid is pursuing this back-to-school season, make sure they’re covered with Manulife.


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