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A little goes a long way with Manulife One

Are your clients listening to their little voice? A little goes a long way with Manulife One.

Canadians are frustrated by traditional banking. Traditional mortgages can trap your clients into a system of inflexible payments and control how quickly they pay down debt. Your little voice knows that your bank should work for you. Every dollar should be working in your best interest to help you reach your goals faster.

At Manulife Bank, we believe that when your bank is working in your best interest, everyone can turn their little wins into something much bigger. When financial decisions are made easier, your clients can reach their goals faster and live better. By referring your clients to Manulife Bank, you can help them get a mortgage on their terms.

New marketing campaign begins on March 25

This year the Manulife One campaign is tied to the fully integrated master brand campaign showing Canadians how a little help from us can make a big difference in their lives.

We’re continuing to let consumers know that Manulife One can offer them flexibility, control and interest savings.

Consumer marketing

Our consumer digital advertising strategy features:

  • National digital advertising
    • March 11 to April 30
    • August 5 to September 30
    • Search engine marketing
  • Property Brothers Buying and Selling – Starting in mid-September, Manulife One will be integrated directly into two episodes and supported across six episodes with TV billboards, TV brand spot, HGTV website and social media.
  • Search engine marketing

Advisor marketing support

This year we’re creating a collection of new product and educational videos that you’ll be able to use with clients. These videos will be released as they are ready through April and May. In addition to creating new videos, we have created several advisor-specific tools you can use with your clients to start the conversation about Manulife Bank.

Send to your clients:

Refer your clients to:

We have also created tools you can use to promote Manulife Bank within the walls of your office. To avoid the appearance of mortgage solicitation, these tools must face inward and must not be visible from the street. Only clients visiting your office should be able to view these promotional tools.

For your office:

We’re here to help

This campaign will give you more tools and resources to raise awareness about Manulife Bank and make referring us to your clients even easier. Speak with your Business Development Consultant today to learn how A Little Can Do A Lot for your clients and your business with Manulife One.

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