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Uncover the Mortgage Truth with Manulife One

Do your clients believe all mortgages are the same? Do they renew with the same provider, over and over again? Why hasn’t the truth about a better solution emerged?

Our Uncover the Mortgage Truth campaign reveals that traditional mortgages can trap homeowners into a system of inflexible payments and control how quickly they pay down debt. It’s time for the truth – it’s time your clients discover how Manulife One can offer them freedom, flexibility, simplicity and interest savings.

Discover a mortgage done differently
An integrated advertising campaign with a mix of digital media including: video, social, display ads and content partnerships will encourage Canadian homeowners to Uncover the Mortgage Truth, and discover Manulife One.

The Mortgage Truth Trailer

Simplify Your Banking with Manulife One

Live More Freely with Manulife One

A Time to Choose Manulife One

Building on the truth
The campaign should make referring Manulife One to your clients easier, and is a great opportunity to build your relationships – and your business – with a mortgage done differently.

Marketing support
Use these marketing tools to start the conversation with your clients today:

We’re here to help
Speak with your Business Development Consultant today to learn how you can help your clients Uncover the Mortgage Truth with Manulife One.

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