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Uncover the Mortgage Truth with Manulife One

Do your clients believe all mortgages are the same? Do they renew with the same provider, over and over again? Why hasn’t the truth about a better solution emerged?

Our Uncover the Mortgage Truth campaign reveals that traditional mortgages can trap homeowners into a system of inflexible payments and control how quickly they pay down debt. It’s time for the truth – it’s time your clients discover how Manulife One can offer them freedom, flexibility, simplicity and interest savings.

Discover a mortgage done differently

Our highly successful integrated Uncover the Mortgage Truth advertising campaign is being re-launched this Fall with a mix of digital media including: videos, social, display ads and search engine marketing to encourage Canadian homeowners to Uncover the Mortgage Truth, and discover Manulife One.

Building on the truth

The campaign should make referring Manulife One to your clients easier, and is a great opportunity to build your relationships – and your business – with a mortgage done differently.

Marketing support

Use these marketing tools to start the conversation with your clients today:

To help support our Advisors during our Fall Manulife One Campaign we have created some NEW Advisor specific tools that you can use to promote Manulife Bank within the walls of your office. Permission to use these tools does require that you are restricted to use within your office & must be INWARD facing. For example, should you choose to play a campaign video, the Televisions must not be projected in an office window towards the street – this may be deemed as mortgage solicitation. Clients visiting the office should be the only ones able to view these NEW tools.

NEW Advisor Tools include:

We’re here to help

Speak with your Business Development Consultant today to learn how you can refer your clients to help them Uncover the Mortgage Truth with Manulife One.

NEW for FALL Promotional Offer: Manulife One customers could stop paying monthly account fees

Your Manulife One clients are also entitled to a special reward. We will waive their monthly account fee for up to the first full year when they become a ManulifeMONEY+ Visa Infiniteor ManulifeMONEY+ Visa Platinum2 cardholder. With the ManulifeMONEY+ Visa Infinite Card, we’ll continue waiving the Manulife One monthly account fee each year if a client spent $20,000 or more on their card in the prior year.1

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