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Please carefully read this notice before you use this web site. If you do not agree with the following conditions, please exit the site. By registering for the use of Repsource, you are entering into a contract with Manulife Financial and agreeing to the following:

Site Content
The information contained on the pages of this web site is subject to modification and update from time to time without notice. Reasonable efforts have been made to ensure that the information in this site is complete, accurate and up-to-date. However, Manulife Financial cannot guarantee the accuracy, timeliness, completeness or authenticity of any site content, site functionality, or the transmission of any site content from the site to you.

Certain aspects of the site have been prepared outside of Manulife Financial. Other worldwide web sites for which connections may be provided, or which provide connections to this site, are completely independent of this site. Manulife Financial does not endorse the sites to which we refer by hypertext links. Similarly, we do not endorse sites which refer to our site. In addition, the inclusion of site acknowledgments and the identification of persons and entities shall not, in any manner, be construed as an endorsement for the product, person or entity by Manulife Financial.

The information contained in this site is confidential and proprietary, and contains personal, confidential and/or proprietary information with respect to Manulife Financial clients. Only Manulife Securities account representatives, Manulife Financial employees and representatives ("representative" means a person who has entered into or is operating under an agreement with Manulife Financial, or its affiliated companies) should have access to this site. You must keep your password for this web site confidential, and not share it with any unauthorized person.

The information in this site is only intended for your business with Manulife Financial, and for the purpose of servicing your existing and prospective clients. Use of this site is subject to the general principles set out in Manulife Financial's Producer's Code of Conduct and Business Code of Conduct.

By registering with this site, you are acknowledging the following:

  • You shall not use this site to gain information about a client if you have reason to believe that the client would not want you to access that information.
  • You are prohibited from disclosing any confidential or proprietary information regarding Manulife Financial or its affairs to any third party. This obligation applies to all information you may obtain through the use of this site.
  • While you may access and download information or content on this site, you will not alter any proprietary or confidential information that we provide on this site.
  • You will take any reasonable steps to prevent unauthorized access to this site. If you become aware that any unauthorized person has accessed this site, or that an authorized person has used it inappropriately, you will inform Man ulife Financial immediately.
  • At all times, the password used by you to obtain access to this web site is the sole and exclusive property of Manulife Financial. Manulife Financial grants you a license to use the password, subject to the terms and conditions set out in this agreement. If you disclose your password to any individual, you will be held responsible for that person's actions with respect to the password. If Manulife Financial becomes aware that you have used this site in an unauthorized manner, you will be subject to action up to and including termination of your contract or employment with Manulife Financial or your authorization to sell Manulife Financial business. Legal action may also be taken where appropriate.

Use of this Site
Access to this site is subject to Manulife Financial's rules and procedures, as developed from time to time. Although Manulife Financial will make its best efforts to keep this site operational, Manulife Financial cannot guarantee that the site will always be accessible. Manulife Financial may, in its sole discretion, modify, suspend or terminate the access or services provided to you through this site without notice.

By registering with this web site, you acknowledge and confirm that the Internet is not a secure medium where privacy can be ensured and that complete security and confidentiality over the Internet is not possible at this time. Your confidential use of the site cannot be guaranteed and your use of the site (including information you transmit to the site) may be subject to access by, or disclosure to, other persons. Without limiting any other disclaimer herein, Manulife Financial shall not be responsible or liable for any harm that you or any other person may suffer in connection with any such breach of confidentiality or security.

Manulife Financial may use "cookies" or related technology to track usage of the site and in order to improve our service to you.

Trade Marks
Manulife Financial and the block design are registered trade marks of The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company, used under license.
Copyright©, 2001, The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company. All rights reserved.
Copyright©, 2001, The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company (U.S.A.). All rights reserved.

Governing Laws
The laws of the Province of Ontario and the federal laws of Canada applicable therein shall govern as to the interpretation, validity and effect of this Agreement and any use of the site. You hereby consent and submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Province of Ontario in any action or proceeding instituted under or related to this Agreement or your use of the site.

Agreement with Manulife Financial
By registering to use this site, you are agreeing that The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company, its affiliated companies, and any directors, officers, employees or shareholders of the Company or its affiliates or affiliated companies, shall not be liable for any damages including direct, incidental, ordinary, punitive, exemplary, indirect, special, consequential or any other damages arising out of or related to the use of this site.

You agree that any and all information and/or content on this site remains the sole and exclusive property of Manulife Financial and is considered to be confidential information. You acknowledge and agree that you do not and will not acquire any proprietary interest in any material found on this site. You agree that you will not use this site, or any portion thereof, in any manner that may infringe any proprietary or intellectual proprietary interests that the Company or any third party may have in it. You agree that you will be bound by all the terms of this contract, without limitation, even if you have not read the contract. You acknowledge that Manulife Financial may revise the terms and conditions which apply to your use of this Site at any time without notice to you. The terms and conditions, as revised, will be binding from the time they are posted on this Site. You agree to review these posted terms and conditions from time to time and that, by your continued use of this Site, you are bound by any revised version of these Site terms and conditions.

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