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 What information is provided under Tools & Illustrations?

The Tools and Illustrations portlet provides access to e-business services designed to help you present solutions to your customers.  

This section is personalized to display tools and illustrations based on how you do business with Manulife.

Pressing the blue   beside a Tool or Illustration will bring you to a page where you will find general information about the tool or illustration, links to related information, if applicable, and often a hot link that will launch the tool or illustration.  

These informational pages may be saved to your home page for easy access.  (See Repsource Bookmarks for more information on this capability.

 What are Tools?

Online tools are applications that represent information about a client as of today.  The tool may include new business processing or the ability to perform an inquiry into existing business sold.  Most online tools allow the user to select client criteria to present information tailored to that client.

Additional help can be accessed once you are within a Tool.

 What are Illustrations?

An illustration visually communicates information about a client scenario over a specific time period (e.g. years).  If a product has not yet been sold, the illustration can be used as a sales tool.

Additional help can be accessed once you are within an Illustration.


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