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 What information is provided under Inbox?

Inbox is a central document repository that guarantees the confidentiality of the information transmitted.  Content will vary depending on how an advisor has contracted to do business with Manulife.

Inbox may include secure messages, notices, statements & confirms, reports, updates, and requested illustrations.

Most links will display the number of messages/notices that have not yet been viewed.

When you open a screen, you have the ability to scroll, sort by column and/or access help in the right hand corner of the screen.  



Some business areas at Manulife do not use the inbox to communicate with Advisors and Marketing Assistants.  Check with other people in your area to determine how your business area prefers to communication to occur.


New Business Notifications
Insurance Inforce Notices & Statements
Illustration Request
Clients calls 
Statement requests

Statement & confirms

 What information is provided under Recognition?

Recognition displays a graph of recognition credits earned for different Manulife conferences or recognition programs.

The green bars show actual credits earned while the blue bars show target.  The data is updated monthly.  

When you click on the conference name, you see a page that provides more information about that particular conference.

 What information is provided under CE Centre?

The Manulife Continuing Education Centre (CE Centre) is a one-stop online destination for advisor continuing education needs. Learn anytime from the comfort of your own office on your own computer!

The CE Centre provides free access to online learning from a growing list of topics such as product solutions, market opportunities, sales ideas and concepts, practice management, soft skills, and compliance.

 What information is provided under Compensation?

Compensation information is provided in different ways depending on how the Advisor does business with Manulife.  

Under the Compensation tab Repsource users will find current statements for the past week, statements covering the last 30 days or a link to Fasatweb.

A link to Compensation and Contracting information is provided at the bottom of the portlet.

Once you have located your compensation statement(s), click on it to open it.

How to:

  • View your statement > > click on the Ident Code
  • Print your statement > > click on the printer icon
  • Save your statement > > right click on the ident and follow the instructions
  • Delete your statement > > click on the REMOVE link

Our service standard is to deliver your compensation statements to your Repsource Secure Inbox by 4:00 PM each Wednesday. If the statement delivery schedule changes, we will post a note on the Repsource homepage to let users know that statements have been delayed and to provide an estimated delivery time.

Independent Advisor Channel /Corporate Accounts Channel / National Accounts Channel
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