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Step 1:

  • Click “Search & Add” on the logged in home page

Step 2:

  • Narrow your search results by entering keywords or filters.

Step 3:

  • Click the envelope icon located beside each item that you want to send. The links will be added to your “Email Cart”.
    You can send a maximum of 20 links to forms or marketing materials in one e-mail

Step 4:

  • Once you have finished adding your links click “Continue” to e-mail

Step 5:

  • Complete the email form with:
  • Email addresses
  • Your name and email address for replies
  • A brief message (maximum 1,000 characters).  If you don’t include a message, a standard message – Thought this might interest you – will appear in the e-mail.
  • Click “I agree” to acknowledge that this is not a form of secure email communication.
    Remember, some links to PDFs and web pages can only be viewed when you log in to Repsource, so email recipients must be registered users of Repsource to log in and view.
  • Click “Send”.

The email recipient will receive an email that contains links to the PDFs.

Using Forms & Marketing Materials
You can also email links you have already saved to Forms & Marketing Materials or use the“Search & Add” feature to find new links.

  • Click on the envelope icon beside each link to add to your “Email Cart”
  • Complete the email form
  • Add a message
  • Send

Note that sending an email empties your “Email Cart”.

Emailing links to web pages

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