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How to use Repsource

Accessing your client information
My Clients

Accessing your compensation information
Compensation statements
Manulife Mutual Funds trailer fees

Using Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system
User Guide
At Manulife my voice is my password - Video

Using search
Finding information
Sorting search results

Using your home page
Saving forms and marketing materials to your home page
Emailing links to forms and marketing materials
Saving web pages to your home page
Emailing links to web pages
Inbox, Recognition, CE Centre, and Compensation
Tools & Illustrations

Maintaining your personal information
How to update your profile
Set-up your personal verification questions
Change your password

My Business views for Manulife Investments - Mutual Funds
Do you currently sell Manulife Mutual Funds? Learn more about how to use your book of business information in Repsource.

Continuing Education Credits
How to use the CE Centre

Looking for more information? Watch our training videos



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