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Welcome to group retirement solutions for Investment Advisors

You can access a variety of information, tools and resources designed specifically for investment advisors by exploring the tabs above and the Related Links section on the right. Select any of the links below to learn more about other products and services that Manulife Financial offers.

FutureStep™ Group RRSP

Information and resources to help you start selling Manulife's small business group RRSP.

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FutureStep Quote

Group Benefits & Retirement Solutions Roadmap to Success

Learn more about tools and resources available to you throughout any stage of the sales process

GBRS Roadmap to Success

Group Professional Development Series

Learn more about training modules designed to help Advisors understand and develop group business

GPDS brochure

Small Business Solutions

Sales tools that make it easy to succeed with small business owners.

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Fund performance

Monthly group retirement Rates of Return with links to individual fund pages.

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FutureStep funds

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