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Reinstatement Declaration
Use for a reinstatement request for a Personal Accident Disability Insurance plan.(PDF)
Form 2011-05-02
Request to change address information - Insurance
NN1572E - Form for changing insurance policy owner's address (PDF)
Form NN1572 2013-12-01
Surrender of vested bonus additions
Form to request a surrender of the vested bonus additions. (PDF)
Form BIL1231 2015-12-01
Beneficiary Designation - Annuity Settlement Option
Application for an Annuity Settlement Option - Beneficiary Designation. (PDF)
Form NN1001 2015-12-01
Visitors to Canada Travel Insurance Application
Visitors to Canada travel insurance application.
Application AT0148 2018-12-01
Acknowledge and Change Form - Plan Administrator / Company Personnel
Form GP5232 2012-02-01
Smoking and nicotine usage questionnaire
NN0710E - Smoking and nicotine usage questionnaire (PDF)
Questionnaire NN0710 2017-05-31
Flexcare Application - National
Flexcare application for all provinces except Quebec. (PDF)
Application AF1344 2019-06-14
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Driver Abstract Request Form - Motor Vehicle Report
Driver Abstract Request Form to authorize Manitoba Public Insurance, to disclose a client’s Driver Abstract to Manulife.
Servicing Guidelines - Critical Illness Claims
How to submit a critical illness claim. (PDF)
Guide 2012-08-01
Servicing Guidelines - Collateral assignment
How to process a collateral assignment. (PDF)
Guide 2014-06-01
Collateral Assignment Form
AF1446E - Complete this form if you wish to make a collateral assignment of your policy (To be facilitated by the agent). (PDF)
Form AF1446 2015-05-15
Servicing Guidelines - Change to Reduced Paid up
How to change to reduced paid up option on a life insurance policy. (PDF)
Guide 2015-12-18
Release of collateral assignment
NN0971E - Release of collateral assignment
Form NN0971 2013-12-01
Policy change or reinstatement - Long term care
NN1548E - Policy change or reinstatement - Long term care
Form NN1548 2018-09-24
Advisor declaration and sale checklist
Advisor declaration and sale checklist for the LaunchPlan (PDF)
Form 2013-07-01
Risky Business: You asked and we delivered… an improved delivery model. And so much more!
We’re focused on an improved experience for you and your clients. From process improvements to updated forms, here are some of the newest development.
Article 2018-06-26
Transfer forms for Registered Funds (CS3092E)
This guideline provides information on how to transfer registered funds from another Canadian financial institution. (PDF)
Guide CS3092 2017-10-23
Fund Transfer
GP0954E- Registered Pension Plan (RPP), Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) (PDF)
Form GP0954 2012-02-01
Trip Cancellation Insurance Feature Sheet
Trip Cancellation Insurance protects against sudden, unexpected events or conditions that could cause a trip to be cancelled.
Brochure GC2634 2015-07-16
Insurance Policy Coverage Summary Page
Sample of an insurance contract Policy Coverage Summary Page December 2011. (PDF)
Sample 2011-11-28
Refusal of Coverage
GL0003E - Refusal of all coverage form to be filled out by the plan sponsor. (PDF)
Form GL0003 2005-12-01
Lifecheque Basic Application
Lifecheque Basic CI application.
Application 2009-11-01
Synergy solution product page
NN1598E - Synergy solution product page (PDF)
Form NN1598 2011-06-16
DPSP Enrolment
GP0759E - Deferred Profit Sharing Plan (DPSP) (PDF)
Form GP0759 2012-02-01
Motorcycle racing questionnaire
NN1513E - Motorcycle Racing Questionnaire
Questionnaire NN1513 2013-12-01
GP4993E - Group Retirement Income Plan (RRIF, LIF, LRIF, PRIF) (PDF)
Form GP4993 2006-08-01
Ownership Change Form - Absolute or Partial
AF1445E - Complete this form to partially or fully assign ownership of the policy to another party. (PDF)
Form AF1445 2015-05-15
Request for Over-Age Dependant Coverage
GL0514E - Application for over-age disabled dependant coverage for group benefits (PDF)
Application GL0514 2006-12-01
Application - Health & Dental Medical Underwritten Plan Reinstatement
AF1440E - Complete to reinstate your medical underwritten health insurance. (PDF)
Form Af1440 2015-05-20
Personal Plan Pre-Authorized Cheque Plan
GP4656E - Personal Plans (PDF)
Form GP4656 2014-09-09
GP4994E - Group Retirement Income Plan (RRIF, LIF, LRIF, PRIF) (PDF)
Form GP4994 2006-08-01
Declaration of disappearance
NN1597E - Declaration of disappearance
Form NN1597 2010-11-01
Request to pre-order an Attending Physician’s Statement
NN1634E - Form to pre-order an Attending Physician’s Statement – Elite only (PDF)
Form NN1634 2013-07-01
Request to upgrade to Synergy
NNC0011E - Request to upgrade to Synergy (PDF)
Form 2011-06-24
Non-Smoker Change Form
Application for Change to Non-smoker Rates
Form AF1450 2015-09-01
Report to Individual Insurance Compliance
NN1557E - Report to Individual Insurance Compliance
NA NN1557 2008-06-06
Insurance contract cover memo
Sample of an insurance contract cover memo December 2011 (PDF)
Article 2011-11-28
Servicing Guidelines - Express death claims requirement
Procedure of express death claim life insurance policy. (PDF)
Guide 2015-12-01
Respiratory disorder questionnaire for Disability Insurance
NN1478E - Respiratory Disorder Questionnaire for Disability Insurance
Questionnaire NN1478 2005-01-01
Plan Administrator Internet and Billing Registration
GL3449E - Form for Plan Administrators that would like access to Manulife Financial Group Benefits Secure Site (PDF)
Form GL3499 2015-04-01
Funds Transfer Agreement - for Canadian dollar accounts only (AB0190)
This form is used to link external account(s) to an existing Advantage account (AB0190)
Form AB0190 2014-08-20
Lifecheque version change
NNC0006E - Lifecheque version change form. (PDF)
Form NNC0006 2018-02-01
Request for transfer of funds (former Zurich policies only)
NN0995E - Request for transfer of funds (former Zurich policies only)
Form NN0995 2018-02-05
Income replacement financial application
Description of the rider options available for Disability Insurance
Article NN1677 2018-03-28
Attending Physician's Statement - Motor neuron disease
NN1494E - For for ordering an Attending Physician's Statement for insurance applicants with Motor neuron disease
Form NN1494 2018-03-31
Attending Physician’s Statement - Rheumatoid arthritis
NN1499E - Attending Physician’s Statement – Rheumatoid Arthritis
Form NN1499 2018-03-31
Attending Physician's Statement - Bacterial meningitis
NN1648E - Attending Physician's Statement - Bacterial meningitis (PDF)
Form NN1648 2018-03-31