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2016 Bump Up Your Bonus
2016 Bump Up Your Bonus
Advisor-FAQ: New application forms
FAQ re: new forms to meet legislative requirements
NA 2010-03-01
2016 Rewards Enhancements for Managing General Agents
2016 Rewards Enhancements for Managing General Agents
CAP compliance annual review
Self-assessment questionnaire
Repsource and Group Benefits Plan Advisor secure site instructions
Repsource and Group Benefits Plan Advisor secure site instructions
Instructions 2011-01-10
2017 GBRS Advisor Rewards
2017 GBRS Advisor Rewards
Brochure 2017-03-15
Investment platform overview
This brochure (PDF) gives a high-level overview of Manulife’s newly combined and expanded investment platform for pension plans.
Advisor Recognition Program
Advisor Recognition Program
Manulife (and legacy) Specimen Plan Numbers
CRA RSP, RIF, TFSA and RESP specimen plan numbers may be required for transfer forms and forms to unlock funds. (PDF)
NA 2017-02-16
Advisor-app: Third Party Identification form - Manulife Bank, fraud prevention
AB0321 - Third Party Identification form
Application 2016-01-13
i-Watch® offers effective oversight of your investment lineup
This brochure (PDF) explains how Manulife’s comprehensive investment platform for group retirement plans is monitored and governed by the innovative i-Watch® process.
DB Administration and Actuarial Services
This brochure (PDF) showcases that for more than 35 years Manulife has been providing administration and actuarial services for DB plans offering solutions that are easy to implement
FollowMe Travel Add-On Application
Clients can now add travel coverage to FollowMe Health.
Form 2016-07-18
i-Watch Alert: Manulife Asset Management
Manulife Asset Management has announced the appointment of a new investment team to manage Core and Value U.S. Equity mandates
Report 2011-05-20
NRSP for Broker Sponsored Plans Only
NRSP for Broker Sponsored Plans Only
Form 2016-10-28
Client-brochure: CDIC - Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation Deposit Register - Manulife Bank
AB0163E - CDIC - Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation Deposit Register - Manulife Bank
NA 2012-03-22
Standard Dental Claim Form
Claimants requiring reimbursement for dental care expenditures must have this form completed by their dentist or dental specialist. Original receipts and applicable supporting documentation must accompany all claim submissions.
Form 2015-06-29
Advisor declaration and sale checklist
Advisor declaration and sale checklist for the LaunchPlan (PDF)
Form 2013-07-01
HUB Int contest entry form
HUB Int contest entry form
Application 2015-06-25
Ordering forms, locating marketing materials and administrative forms
National Accounts training sessions (Advisor use only) (PDF)
Presentation 2011-11-01
Manulife PensionBuilder Information Folder Addendum
The Addendum forms part of your client’s Information Folder and Contract. All other provisions of the Information Folder and Contract continue to apply. (PDF)
NA 2012-09-01
Client-funds transfer form: TFSA to TFSA transfer on breakdown of marriage - Tax-Free Savings Account
AB0497E - Transfer from a TFSA to another TFSA on breakdown of marriage or common-law partnership
Form 2009-02-01
Source of Funds Declaration form
Manulife Bank is required to take reasonable and appropriate measures to establish the source of funds for certain deposits, payments to loans or mortgages or transfers from external accounts.
Personal information statement
Consent to use your personal information (PDF)
NA 2014-04-08
Flexcare Ad Matte - colour
Flexcare Ad Matte in colour (PDF)
Sample 2013-02-01
Flexcare Rate Brochure - British Columbia
Flexcare Rate Brochure for British Columbia (PDF)
Brochure 2016-03-30
Flexcare Rate Brochure - Quebec
Flexcare Rate Brochure for Quebec (PDF)
Brochure 2016-04-29
Flexcare Rate Brochure - Manitoba
Flexcare Rate Brochure for Manitoba (PDF)
Brochure 2016-03-30
Flexcare Rate Brochure – New Brunswick
Flexcare Rate Brochure for New Brunswick (PDF)
Brochure 2016-03-30
Flexcare Ad Matte
Flexcare Ad Matte in black & white (PDF)
Sample 2013-02-01
Flexcare Lead Generating Buckslip
Flexcare Lead Generating Buckslip (PDF)
Brochure 2012-04-01
Flexcare Rate Brochure - Ontario
Flexcare Rate Brochure for Ontario (PDF)
Brochure 2016-03-30
Flexcare Pre-Approach Letter
Flexcare application for all provinces except Quebec. (WORD)
Sample 2008-01-01
Flexcare Rate Brochure - Newfoundland
Flexcare Rate Brochure for Newfoundland (PDF)
Brochure 2016-03-30
Flexcare Rate Brochure - Saskatchewan
FlexSanté - Primes et feuille de calcul pour les résidents de la Saskatchewan (PDF)
Brochure 2016-03-30
Withdrawal Form for RRSPs
GP0977E - Use this form for cash withdrawals, transfer of funds to an individual or group plan with Manulife Financial or transfer of funds to another financial institution.(PDF)
Form 2009-05-01
Flexcare Rate Brochure - Alberta
Flexcare Rate Brochure for Alberta (PDF)
Brochure 2016-03-30
Quickstart – request to quote
GC2245E - Grow your business with the help of Quickstart (PDF)
Form 2016-03-30
Simplified Prospectus and Annual Information Form
The simplified prospectus and annual information form describes the investment objectives of various Manulife mutual funds, the manner in which each fund is administered and operated, associated fees and other pertinent information.
Article 2011-05-10
Video transcript
Video transcript of annuity settlement option
Personal Accident - Pre-Approach Letter
Personal Accident Disability Insurance pre-approach letter template (WORD)
Sample 2012-10-01
Life Insurance Replacement Declaration
Before canceling your policy the following questions must be answered (PDF)
Article 2012-04-01
Sample client form
A sample of the form to be completed by clients who elect to take advantage of the special Lifecheque Simple Issue offer. (PDF)
Sample 2015-01-26
Manulife Vitality apple card (MK3439E)
MK3439E – A fun Manulife Vitality apple-shaped card to offer your clients. Includes slits to attach your business card.
Article 2016-12-01
Travel80 Term Travel Top-Up Application
Travel80 term travel insurance top-up application.
Application 2016-12-09
Travel80 Term Travel Insurance Application
Travel80 term travel insurance application.
Application 2009-10-01
Request to change address information - Insurance
NN1572E- Form for changing insurance policy owner's address
Form 2013-12-01
Flexcare Rate Brochure – Prince Edward Island
Flexcare Rate Brochure for Prince Edward Island (PDF)
Brochure 2016-03-30
Anti-Money Laundering Training Sheet
Sample AML Training attendee sign-in form. (Advisor use only) (WORD)
Form 2011-11-11
Lifecheque Basic CI Lead Generating Buckslip
Lifecheque Basic CI lead generating buckslip.
Brochure 2011-09-01
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