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Manulife PensionBuilder

Canada's Retirement Landscape video   Manulife PensionBuilder® is a straight-forward, low-risk, secure income solution designed to provide dependable income in retirement that is guaranteed for life. A complement to government programs and other retirement income sources, Manulife PensionBuilder supports retirement plans and helps ensure your clients will be prepared.
Flexibility2 – Clients can choose when to start drawing income, and may benefit from higher Deposit Income Rates (Income Rates) at older ages. They can also choose to make one lump sum deposit, ongoing deposits over a period of time, or a combination of both. For future deposits, there may be the opportunity to take advantage of potentially rising Income Rates, all within one contract.   Dependable income guaranteed for life – Once clients begin drawing income, they will know, the exact amount of retirement income that is available to them each year for the rest of their lives. There is also an option available that can ensure continued income to a surviving spouse1.
Straight-forward, low-risk investment solution – The fund invests in a fixed income portfolio managed by some of Manulife's leading portfolio managers and leverages Manulife's experience and expertise as a manager of quality fixed income investments.   Liquidity – Should your clients need access to their savings, their market value is available to them at any time (fees may apply).

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Get segregated fund and contract info when you want, how you want it. You can now create your own up-to-date “Product and fund at a glance” booklets using our online price and performance tool. These booklets will include both fund name and number guides, and “at glance” overviews of how the contracts work.

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Still want a printed “at a glance” booklet? These remain available for order through your usual channel. They no longer offer fund name and number guides, but continue to feature high level overviews of contract details like guarantees, commission schedule, sales charges, etc.


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