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Welcome to Manulife Private Investment Pools

Find out more about Manulife Private Investment PoolsYour clients are in a class of their own. With Manulife Private Investment Pools their investments can be too.

The Manulife Private Investment Pools (MPIP) program is an exclusive wealth management initiative with the comprehensive resources needed to fulfill your clients’ distinct preferences and priorities. It's where you'll find the vision, expertise, value, service, innovation and integrity that you expect and require; to help you answer your clients sophisticated investing objectives and goals. It offers them:

  • A comprehensive suite of pools in a range of asset classes
  • Household account/contract-linking
  • Tiered management fee reductions/reimbursements
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • The backing of high-conviction Portfolio Managers

It's the exclusive investment program for your affluent clients that reflects their highest expectations.

This exclusive investment program is available on two platforms

MPIP Investment Pools - Learn more MPIP Segregated Pools - Learn more

MPIP Segregated Pools - advisor guide
MPIP Segregated Pools - pool overview
MPIP Segregated Pools - program summary