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Manulife Investments Support

Support your business with the right expertise and resources

Whether you want to organize a tax planning workshop, explore private equity financing for a business-owner client, or introduce insurance solutions, we have the right resources to help you build and strengthen your client relationships.

Documents featuring a check overtop Tax, Retirement & Estate Planning Services (TREPS)
Provides tax and legal support relating to investments and insurance.
Balanced scales Manulife Investments - Capital Markets and Strategy Group
Works with portfolio management teams and provides economic analysis, commentary and guidance on strategies.
Shield with a pulse line in the centre Manulife Insurance
Offers a broad shelf of insurance solutions, such as: life, health and travel, to help address individual and business needs.
Piggybank receiving a coin Group Benefits and Retirement Solutions (GBRS)
Combines group benefits plus group retirement solutions expertise for your business-owner clients and their employees.


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