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Legacy Products - Manulife

Here is where you can find information on Manulife Investments Products no longer available for sale:

What’s new

Get segregated fund and contract info when you want, how you want it. You can now create your own up-to-date “Product and fund at a glance” booklets using our online price and performance tool. These booklets will include both fund name and number guides, and “at glance” overviews of how the contracts work.

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Still want a printed “at a glance” booklet? These remain available for order through your usual channel. They no longer offer fund name and number guides, but continue to feature high level overviews of contract details like guarantees, commission schedule, sales charges, etc.

Using Online Transactions is the easiest way to process Manulife Investments business. It is where you will always find the most current forms. And, the built-in prompts and In Good Order edits will help ensure a greater level of accuracy; meaning fewer follow-ups for missing information.

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