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Manulife Investments GIC Specialty Account Types

Specialty Account Types are GICs that can diversify and add flexibility to your portfolio.  Specialty Account Types from Manulife Investments offer very competitive rates and 30-day rate guarantees.  In addition, a Manulife Investments GIC provides insurance company benefits, such as tax advantages for non-registered contracts, the ability to pass on money tax-free to beneficiaries, and potential creditor protection. A Large Case Program* is also available for clients with GIC assets of $500,000 or more. 

Three investment options are available:

1. Laddered GIC Account

  • Helps provide protection against fluctuating interest rates
  • Offers diversification as a portion of the investment matures each year and is reinvested at attractive long-term rates
  • Provides the flexibility to cash in if the need arises
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2. Escalating Rate GIC Account:

  • The interest rate is guaranteed to increase each year of the term
  • Higher effective yield to maturity than the corresponding Basic GIC Account (cashable) rate
  • Offers the ability to lock in now for attractive rates in later years
  • Provides the flexibility to cash in if the need arises

3. Market Growth GIC Account (available during limited time periods):

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