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Manulife Investments GIC - Retirement Income Options

Retired clients will enjoy additional income benefits with a Manulife Investments GIC RRIF.

LIF, LRIF, RLIF, and PRIF options may also be available.  Retirement income options from Manulife Investments offer very competitive rates and 30-day rate guarantees.  In addition, a Manulife Investments GIC provides insurance company benefits, such as the ability to pass on money tax-free to beneficiaries and potential creditor protection.  A Large Case Program* is also available for clients with GIC assets of $500,000 or more.

Three investment options are available:

  1. Basic GIC Account (cashable)
  2. Laddered GIC Account
  3. Daily Interest Account


Our retirement income options provide:

  • Flexible options for payment frequency, payment amounts, withdrawal order, and withholding tax
  • The ability to change payout options as needed
  • A charge free withdrawal option in order to access funds in the event of emergency or another investment opportunity
  • Automatic payments conveniently deposited directly to a bank account

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