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Why not all ETFs are created equal.

Only Manulife offers ETFs sub-advised by Dimensional Canada. Dimensional is a pioneer of factor-based investing, backed by over 35 years of financial science. This is your opportunity to learn about their unique approach, and discover our exciting new series of sub-advised ETFs.

The more you learn, the more you’ll realize not all ETFs are created equal.

Strategic beta: seeking to build a better index

One common way for traditional ETFs to construct their portfolio of stocks is to use market capitalization figures (current share price multiplied by the number of outstanding shares) of companies. While this method may appeal to some investors, it may also have limitations. Strategic beta strategies such as Manulife ETFs offer a different approach.

The benefits of multifactor investing

Academic research supports the hypothesis that prices reflect all available information; however, different stocks have been shown over time to have different expected returns1. Multifactor investing traces its roots to the academic research of Nobel laureate Eugene Fama and renowned researcher Kenneth French, among others*.


Why Dimensional Fund Advisors

Dimensional's systematic approach is backed by insight gained from decades of academic research and experience implementing rules-based strategies in competitive markets. Founded in 1981, Dimensional has $617 billion global assets under management1 based on the implementation of this research across asset classes.

Explore our lineup of ETFs

Learn more about our exchange-traded funds and how they can work in your client’s portfolio. Or for more information about any of our product offerings, contact us directly.

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