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Once you’re on board with the benefits of Manulife ETFs, the next step is helping your clients get comfortable and using those ETFs to help solve some of their common investment challenges. Specifically, you’ll want them to understand the benefits of investing in Manulife ETFs as it pertains to diversifying their portfolios, investing for the long term, and saving on fees that can translate into longer-term compound growth potential.

Consider the following scenario:


You have a client who is currently invested in: a U.S. large-cap passive ETF.
Your client could benefit from: Manulife Multifactor U.S. Large Cap Index ETF.


Market exposure. The Fund will hold up to 800 securities to provide strong diversification and minimize unwarranted trading costs.

Multifactor approach. The Fund emphasizes three factors – smaller companies, lower valuations and higher profitability – that academic research has been linked to the potential for outperformance Efficient structure. Fund seeks to minimize turnover, trading costs and cash drag.

Here are some actionable resources that you can share with clients to help expand their knowledge of ETFs.

Your ETF tool kit:

  • If your clients are familiar with investing in stocks, bonds and mutual funds, an important first step will be explaining what an ETF is and how it compares to other investments. Learn the basics of ETFs.
  • Help clients to understand the general benefits of investing in ETFs. Understand the benefits of ETFs.
  • There are different types of ETFs, from passive to active to strategic beta. Help clients understand the differences and why strategic beta may be a stronger option. Explore the different ways to invest with ETFs.
  • Clients interested in learning more about strategic beta? You’ll want them to get excited about the unique approach – backed by serious research – used by Dimensional Fund Advisors and available exclusively through Manulife ETFs. Discover the expertise of Dimensional Fund Advisors.

Commissions, management fees and expenses all may be associated with exchange traded funds (ETFs). Investment objectives, risks, fees, expenses and other important information are contained in the prospectus, please read it before investing. ETFs are not guaranteed; their values change frequently and past performance may not be repeated.

“Dimensional Fund Advisors” and “Dimensional” refer to the Dimensional separate but affiliated entities generally, rather than to one particular entity. Dimensional Fund Advisors Canada ULC is the sub-advisor to the Manulife ETFs. Neither Dimensional Fund Advisors Canada ULC nor its affiliates is affiliated with Manulife Investments or any of its affiliated entities. Dimensional Fund Advisors LP receives compensation from Manulife in connection with licensing rights to the Indexes. Dimensional Fund Advisors LP does not sponsor, endorse, or sell, and makes no representation as to the advisability of investing in, the Manulife ETFs.

Manulife ETFs are managed by Manulife Investments, a division of Manulife Asset Management

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