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Manulife Asset Allocation Portfolios: Sophisticated made simple.

Mutual fund portfolios

Manulife Asset Allocation Portfolios consist of four actively managed, actively managed “fund-of-funds” investment portfolios that include exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Each portfolio is designed for a specific risk tolerance and return objective.

They’re simple to understand, easy to buy and provide your clients with access to some of the most popular mutual funds and ETFs that Manulife Investments offers in a single, one-ticket solution.

Who Manages the Portfolios?

Manulife Asset Management’s Asset Allocation Team builds customized portfolios for its clients using a highly disciplined, analytical process focused building expected return forecasts, optimizing asset and fund manager mix and taking advantage of short term opportunities in the market. When you invest on your clients’ behalf, you will gain confidence knowing the portfolios are being managed with the highest level of professionalism available.

Features include:

  • Pension-style management and oversight provided by Manulife Asset Management’s Asset Allocation Team
  • Proprietary investment process optimized by asset class, investment style, and geographical region
  • Actively managed to help protect capital and keep your clients positioned for ever-changing markets
  • Ongoing professional rebalancing to help manage the portfolio’s exposure to risk
  • Comprehensive reporting to keep your clients fully informed

Benefits to advisors

  • Simple, one-ticket solutions provide instant access to pension-style investment management expertise
  • Ongoing professional rebalancing saves your time administering smaller accounts 
  • Comprehensive reports keep your clients fully informed 
  • Pre-sale, point of sale and post sale support to help facilitate sales and keep both you and your clients up to date
  • Downloadable and printable Investor Profile Questionnaire provides an easy way to document your client’s tolerance for risk and help identify which portfolio is right for them

Contact your Manulife Investment sales team representative to learn more.

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