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Manulife Asset Allocation Portfolios: Sophisticated made simple.

To succeed in today’s markets, your clients require solutions that are strategic and opportunistic. Investment success depends not only on sound financial advice but on the skill and experience required to assess investment opportunities and risks accurately.

Manulife Asset Allocation Portfolios are designed with this in mind.

Our portfolios provide complete solutions for clients who prefer a disciplined approach to investing and the comfort of knowing professionals are actively managing risk. Highlights include:

  • Four actively managed portfolios featuring our most popular mutual funds and exchange-traded Funds (ETFs)
  • Access to a sophisticated pension style investment process
  • Continuous monitoring to help manage investment risks
  • Comprehensive reporting to keep your clients fully informed

Manulife Asset Allocation Portfolios are available in two distinct investment options – mutual fund trusts and segregated fund solutions. Manulife Conservative Portfolio - Fixed Income: 80% Equity: 20%. Manulife Moderate Portfolio - Fixed Income: 65% Equity: 35%. Manulife Balanced Portfolio - Fixed Income: 45% Equity: 55%. Manulife Growth Portfolio - Fixed Income: 30% Equity: 70%

If your clients are looking for a simple yet effective way to invest, Manulife Asset Allocation Portfolios offer a solution that can help them get it right.

Sales support material
We have all the material to help you position Manulife Asset Allocation Portfolios with your clients:

Client brochure (PDF)
Client overview (PDF)
Investor Profile Questionnaire (PDF)
Top 10 reasons to consider Manulife Asset Allocation Portfolios (PDF)

This investment program is available in two versions:

Mutual fund portfolios. Learn more.
Segregated fund portfolios. Learn more.


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